Culhane praised for reducing taxes, tackling tough projects in Gaines

Posted 31 August 2017 at 10:54 am


There have been so many positive changes in the Town of Gaines since Carol Culhane became Supervisor. She has worked tirelessly to benefit the people of the Town of Gaines.

• Town taxes have been consistently reduced, without loss of services.  This requires significant skills when planning the annual budget.

• Significant improvements, many of which are required by state regulations, have been made to the Town Hall. Further improvements to the exterior of the building are next to be undertaken. These projects have largely been paid for by grants which Carol has secured.

• The water district over-levying was discovered and ended.  People now pay only what is owed in their water district.

• Procedures have been streamlined to make Town operations more efficient and accountable.

• New businesses have been encouraged to locate in Gaines.

• All information regarding Town services, minutes, audits, and other items is always available on the Town of Gaines website.

Councilwoman Sue Smith, as a member of the Town Board, has also supported all these positive changes over the years.

• So why change what is working ?? *

Please Vote for Carol Culhane for Town Supervisor and Sue Smith for Town Councilwoman on September 12.

John and Constance Mosher