Crusaders opening day of racing is a scorcher

Contributed Story Posted 8 June 2021 at 6:50 pm

Contributed Photos – Competing in the 450 Experts race on Sunday at the Crusaders Motorcycle Club course on Culvert Road were Hunter Bauer, Timmy Wells, Kyle Tambe and Brandon Newman.

It had been a year long drought since motorcycles were heard and seen throwing up the dirt at the Crusaders Motorcycle Club’s race course on Culvert Road, Medina due to the pandemic.

Sunday’s opening day of racing did not disappoint the limited capacity crowd despite the temperatures being in the high 80’s. The racers put on a great show with close racing in all classes although the main events and Grand Prix races were epic battles with top riders from around the area and the country.

Local riders Justin Jones and Brandon Newman came out victorious in the Open Expert and 450 Premiere Classes respectively, while Austin Luczak showed everyone the fast way around the track in the Grand Prix finale.

Current track champion Flyin’ Ryan Wells was sidelined by mechanical issues all day and Jones tangled with Luczak in the Grand Prix which forced him to sit and watch from the inside of the track for the remainder of the race.

Local phenom, Owen Flower, led the beginning laps but was not able to fend off the 450 Expert riders of Luczak and Wells at the checkered flag.

The next race will take place on June 20 with racing starting at 12:30 p.m. Their will be a limit of 500 spectators and tickets will be available at the front gate until sold out.


50cc Shaft (4-8 age group): 1. Aidan Kirby, 2. Maxon Luczak, 3. Logan Petrie.

50cc Chain (4-8 age group): 1. Jace DiMatteo, 2. Owen Whiting, 3. Liam Pearl.

65cc: 1. Jude Lacy, 2. Bryson Hazel, 3. Dominik Tombari.

85cc (7-15 age group): 1. Brody Hazel, 2. Matthew Bertola, 3. Jude Lacy.

125-4 Stroke (7-15 age group): 1. Brody Hazel, 2. Matthew Bertola, 3. Jude Lacy.

125cc: 1. Justin Ball, 2. Tyler Brett, 3. Nick Klaes

250 Amateur: 1. Tyl Holmes, 2. Ryan Scavuzzo, 3. Justin Ball

Open Amateur: 1. Owen Flower, 2. Rodney Davis, 3. Zachery VanAmeron

Open Expert: 1. Justin Jones, 2. Austin Luczak, 3. Timmy Wells

450 Expert/Premiere: 1. Brandon Newman, 2. Timmy Wells, 3. Hunter Bauer

Seniors: 1. Ken Shaffer, 2. Jason Spearin, 3. Shawn Tambe

Grand Prix: 1. Austin Luczak, 2. Timmy Wells, 3. Owen Flower

Senior Race riders shown here are Jason Spearin, Ken Shaffer and Shawn Tambe.