Credit card ‘skimmer’ also found at Hamlin gas station

Staff Reports Posted 23 January 2017 at 1:18 pm

HAMLIN – A credit card skimming device was also found at a Hamlin gas station on Friday, the same day the device was discovered at the Crosby’s gas station in Kendall.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said the skimmer was found inside a gas pump at the Crosby’s in Hamlin, 1449 Lake Rd.

“A technician from Reid Petroleum said that it appeared the suspect used a special tool to open the pump and place a skimming device inside of the gas pump,” John Helfer, spokesman for the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, said in a news release. “The skimming device was not visible from the outside. The device consisted of a ribbon wire with a microchip attached to it. It is not known how long the device was attached to the pump.  A similar skimming device was found at the Crosby’s in Kendall.”

The investigation in Hamlin is ongoing, Helfer said.

Anyone who purchased gas at the Hamlin gas station using a credit card is advised to check their credit card statement and call 911 if any fraudulent activity is found, he said.

In Kendall, anyone who notices any fraudulent activity should contact the Sheriff’s Office at 585-589-5527.

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