Covid-19 has benefitted Trump with court delays

Posted 29 April 2020 at 11:06 am


There is little doubt that President Trump was informed about the impending pandemic and acted intentionally and knowingly to benefit his own political and personal interest over the health and safety of the American citizens. New York Times reported 4/12/20 that the National Security Council informed Mr. Trump in early January.

Mr. Trump’s trade adviser, Peter Navarro, wrote a memo to the President on January 29th detailing the potential risk with as many as half a million deaths. Alex Azar, Health and Human Services Secretary, warned Mr. Trump of a possible pandemic in a phone call on January 30th and in a memo to the President two weeks later.

At the end of February health experts were urging the Mr. Trump to recommend social distancing and working from home. We know Mr. Trump was informed early and often.

Mr. Trump has benefited from continuing coronavirus crisis in the following ways. The Supreme Court postponed hearing a case about turning over to Congress Mr. Trump’s financial and tax records (even as they rushed a case on Wisconsin’s election). The ruling, possibly issued after the November election, could show conflict of interest and why Mr. Trump is benevolent toward authoritarian rulers.

Furthermore, the Department of Justice was to turn over to Judge Reggie Walton on March 31st the unredactable version of the Mueller Report. Again, public access to the unredacted Mueller report could negatively impact Mr. Trump’s re-election.

Furthermore, Mr. Trump can continue his nightly campaign rallies, with blatantly false rosey claims. Mr. Trump will, I believe, continue to dismiss the crisis and blame others for his missteps as long as he see it as beneficial to his election.

William Fine