COVA needs local support to continue ambulance services in Central Orleans

Posted 23 September 2020 at 3:38 pm


Central Orleans Volunteer Ambulance (COVA) has been providing community based Emergency Medical Services to the towns of Albion, Barre, Carlton, Gaines and the Village of Albion for over 40 years.

As our name states – Central Orleans – we have provided the central portion of Orleans County with the highest standard of pre-hospital care. COVA currently staffs Advanced Life Support (ALS) providers as well as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT).

As of today, we have two active volunteers and 24 paid employees. Today the average family requires a two-income household, therefore it is difficult for an individual to commit to the required time and training to volunteer. Currently there is a national shortage of all levels of EMS providers.

Not only are we experiencing a shortage of providers but also we continue to have a steady decline of revenue from insurance contract adjustments as well as default payments. Operational expenses have also continued to drastically increase for ambulance agencies. These factors have directly impacted our agencies ability to operate. We need the support of this community in order for us to continue to provide ambulance services to Central Orleans County.

In the past year over 1,600 community-based ambulances in New York State alone have closed.

We need your help. Please call your local town or village office to express your support – Town of Albion, 585-589-7048; Village of Albion, 585-589-9176; Town of Barre, 585-589-5100; Town of Carlton, 585-682-4358; and Town of Gaines, 585-589-4592.

COVA Community Relations Committee

Brandi Fisher, COVA Finance Manager

Laurie Schwab, COVA COO

Anna Tower, COVA CFO

Jennifer Stilwell, Member of COVA Board of Directors