COVA leaders seek community support for taxing district to keep ambulances in service

Posted 25 September 2022 at 4:47 pm


For the first time in 41 years the lights were off and the doors were locked at COVA overnight this weekend. Last week we were lucky to have volunteers that tried to cover the overnight but that is no longer the case.

We are heartbroken, discouraged and beaten down. The lack of urgency from our town and county officials has been unlike anything I would have ever believed. I have been told to “behave.” I have been told that I am “cutting off the hand that feeds me young lady” (from someone who hasn’t given us a dime) and  scolded like a child instead of the educated and intelligent person that I am.

We as an organization have been treated like the black sheep of the family instead of a vital  piece of our EMS system in this county. It will take a death in this community for us to see the true impact of what will happen by losing our community-based ambulance and people will continue to die (unless there is a hidden ambulance somewhere that we aren’t aware of).

In a last-ditch effort our community has come to us with petitions for our towns to get us a tax district. The outpouring from local residents has kept us going and we are grateful for this last effort you have asked for.

I carry those petitions now. They will be at the Olde Dogge Inn in Gaines, at Toyz n Kandy in Albion, COVA base in Albion, Gilligan’s Galley in Carlton. If you can’t get to any of those places please call us at COVA at 585-589-4163 or call me directly and we will get the petitions to you to sign.

We have one week to get as many signatures as possible. We also encourage everyone who is concerned to go to your town meetings in October and voice your concern and support to get us a tax district. This would raise your taxes approximately $43 per year or less per household. That is not per person! That is per taxed household!

A very small price to pay for the security of your community-based ambulance.

Jennifer Stilwell


COVA Board of Directors