County’s Employee of the Year is dedicated to helping adults in crisis

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 8 November 2018 at 4:46 pm

Photo courtesy of Lisa Stenshorn: June Seager, left, was recognized today as the Orleans County Employee of the Year. She is congratulated by Lynne Johnson, chairwoman of the Orleans County Legislature.

ALBION – June Seager was honored today as the Orleans County Employee of the Year during a recognition program at Tillman’s Village Inn.

Seager has worked the past 15 years as a caseworker for the county, including the past three as an adult protective caseworker with residents 18 and older.

Most of the cases involve elderly residents at risk. They may be financially exploited, or suffer from a physical disability or mental health issue.

“I love my job,” Seager said today. “It’s rewarding knowing that you’re helping someone else who would otherwise be alone.”

The Employee Assistance Program through the county government workforce recognizes an Employee of the Month. An Employee of the Year is then picked from those 12 exceptional workers.

“This employee provides assistance with those that are neglected by others, self-neglected, financially exploited and homeless,” said Jack Welch, the county’s personnel director. “This employee has been able to connect with the adults, assisting them with whatever they need, advocating for their needs and truly improve the lives of some of the hardest to serve in Orleans County.”

He praised Seager for exuding kindness and compassion.

“She has the ability to handle tough conversations with the clientele when needed,” Welch said.

Seager spent her first five years working for the county in the Child Protective Unit of Child and Family Services. She was then a school-based caseworker in Holley.

Seager then transferred to the county’s Foster Care unit and continued to work with children and families. In that role she provided needed services, including transportation, casework counseling, networking with county agencies, court representation, supervising and modeling proper supervision during visitation.

The employees of the months for the past year were:

October 2017 – June Seager (Social Services),

November 2017 – Brian Marsceill (Sheriff)

December 2017 – Cathy Williams (Social Services),

January 2018 – Samantha Koons (Office for the Aging)

February 2018 – Pamela Chatt (Job Development)

March 2018 – Cynthia Troy (Public Defender)

April 2018 – Michael Schultz (Sheriff)

May 2018 – Marc Petrin (Buildings & Grounds)

June 2018 – Katrina Rodriguez-Paeth (Public Health)

July 2018 – Alyssa Thomas (Mental Health)

August 2018 – Nancy Traxler (Veterans)

September 2018 – Jason Barnum (Sheriff)

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