County will replace several culverts, bridges

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 9 June 2017 at 9:23 am

Orleans County is continuing its efforts to upgrade the infrastructure in the county. After replacing several culverts and bridges annually the recent years, the county has more projects lined up.

This year, the county will replace two culverts on Platten Road in Yates at a total cost $885,173.

The county also is replacing a bridge on Culvert Road for $751,500 and the Marshall Road bridge for $1,285,800.

These projects are being funded with an $8 million bond the county took out in 2014 for a series of infrastructure projects over three years. This is the last year for those projects as part of the bond.

The state has made more bridge and culvert money available for municipalities with the Bridge NY program. The county has four projects identified for 2018 with the state program, which pays for 95 percent of the bridge costs and 100 percent of the culverts. The county is working with firms for the engineering work for a culvert on South Holley Road, a bridge replacement on Portage Road, a bridge replacement on the Monroe-Orleans County Road, and four other bridge rehab projects. All of those are expected to be complete in 2018, said Jerry Gray, the county highway superintendent.

The county also is working with the Genesee Transportation Council in Rochester for six preventative maintenance projects in Orleans County. The GTC is directing funding for the following: $460,000 for six bridges for preventative maintenance; $362,000 for maintenance of East Oak Orchard bridge in Medina; $484,000 for maintenance of Lakeside Road bridge in Carlton. Those projects are planned for 2018-19.

Gray said the state may have another funding round for the bridge program this year. He expects the county will submit proposals for additional bridge and culvert work if the state makes the program available again this year.

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