County-wide police force would cut village taxes without reducing service

Posted 21 March 2018 at 8:11 am


I write in response to Mr. Sidari’s letter regarding the option of consolidating law enforcement in our county.

Mr. Sidari states that “tax-savings at the expense of public safety is not a way to reduce spending.” I question where Mr. Sidari gets his facts. The three possible scenarios presented to the public involved absolutely no reduction in law enforcement coverage.

The plan that I believe makes the most sense would establish three zones with stations established in Medina, Albion, and Holley. With the same staffing levels (if not increased) as village residents enjoy today. In many cases the same officers that people have come to know would patrol the same streets they do today.

I question what influence the local police unions have had on Mr. Sidari’s comments. Granted, village police officers may experience a slight reduction in take-home pay if this smart plan comes to fruition.

As a resident of the town of Clarendon, I will likely see a slight increase in taxes as we do not have a local police force. I will gladly pay that as I firmly believe that better coverage for all county residents will be the result.


Bob Harker