County spending $25K to remove 9,000 tires

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 3 December 2021 at 4:36 pm

Photo by Tom Rivers: This pile of about 6,000 tires is next to the Orleans County DPW on West Academy Street in Albion. About 3,000 more will soon to be delivered to the site.

ALBION – Orleans County is paying $25,000 to have about 9,000 tires removed this month that have been collected by the local towns and villages.

There are currently about 6,000 of those tires piled up at the Orleans County Department of Public Works on West Academy Street. They have come from other municipalities that have picked them up from ditches, roadways and in the community.

About 3,000 more tires are expected to be delivered to the DPW on West Academy Street.

They should all be gone by the end of December.

The County Legislature approved paying $25,000 to Modern Disposal Services on Thursday for the one-time service of removing the tires and property disposing of them. The county uses $2 from the annual $216 solid waste collection bill to residents to deal with disposing of tires.

The county also will continue to accept tires during the household hazardous waste collection in August. More than 1,000 tires have been collected at those events the past two years.

The Legislature said it wants to be good stewards of the environment and assist the towns and villages which accumulated big piles of tires.