County should take the lead in addressing feral cat problem

Posted 6 March 2018 at 1:01 pm


Gary Kent. I respect you and can somewhat agree with your feelings on feral cats. This subject boils my blood though. Here’s the problem. I have gone to county meetings and publicly mentioned to the Legislature about not having any programs in Orleans County. Then Chairman Callard said they would look into it. They have done nothing so far.

I am a true cat lady. I have had cats all my life. I saved many lives of many cats. I have fixed all my cats, keep up on shots, give them flea medicine, antibiotics, worm medicine, whatever they need.

It’s hard to keep up when you have irresponsible, heartless humans literally pulling up at your house throwing them out of the car windows in your driveway. I’m constantly in a battle with Mr. Lauricella over money spent on cats. So what do we do. I can’t fix them or adopt them out as fast as they come and travel down the road. We need a program in Orleans County. They waste all kinds of money on everything else, why not have something for cats? Just my opinion.

I am against licensing cats for this reason. They come and go, a lot of them. I spend enough money on trying to save and feed them. I don’t need a license fee on top of that. I love all animals but nature is nature and they are going to go after some of the birds and other small animals in the food chain.

Licensing is not the answer. The Legislature has to get serious and do something positive. The next thing you know we will have to license our children because a lot of them are feral. Just joking.

Cat lover forever.

Sandy Lauricella