County sets salaries for some elected, appointed officials

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 27 December 2020 at 4:07 pm

ALBION – The Orleans County Legislature set salaries for some of the elected and appointed officials following a public hearing on the matter on Dec. 16.

The Legislature set the salaries for the following county employees, who are elected or appointed:

  • Social services commissioner, $101,135 with $200 longevity bonus for 10 years in the position
  • Commissioner of Public Works, $95,667
  • County Attorney, $95,667
  • Public Defender, $95,667
  • Sheriff, $83,251 with $2,000 longevity bonus for 30-34 years of service
  • Real Property Tax Director, $80,970 with $500 longevity bonus for 15-19 years of service
  • County Treasurer, $78,745 plus $1,250 longevity bonus for 25-29 years of service
  • Personnel director, $76,583

The legislators set the salaries to compensate management and elected officials at 2 percent increases for 2021 and 2022.

That resolution from the Legislature will “control costs and provide certainty for the approaching budget process as it relates to compensation for management and elected officials,” according to the resolution approved by the Legislature.

The salaries in the management plan also continues a high deductible plan and complete health insurance reorganization with new hires responsible for paying 20 percent of the cost of the health insurance premium.

The Legislature also approved the following salaries, effective January 1, for certain part-time and unclassified employees:


Coroner, $2,089 – $100 per case/$50 per Hospice Case

Deputy Budget Officer, $3,714

Deputy Fire Coordinator, $2,357

Fire Investigator, $2,357

Historian, $11,500

Orleans County Engineer, $26,500

Director of Computer Services, $92,537

IT Operations Analyst I, $64,459

Secretary to the District Attorney, $54,554

Secretary to the Assistant District Attorney (.06), $46,170

Secretary to the Assistant District Attorney (.13), $38,009

Director of Public Health, $102,500

Public Health Administrative Officer, $60,431

Director of Community Health Services, $84,370

Secretary to the Sheriff, $56,095

Secretary to the Highway Superintendent, $56,095


Court Attendant, $76.94

Examination Monitor (Full Day), $133.30

Examination Monitor (Half Day), $66.66

Hourly (Part-Time Employees):

Animal Control Officer, $15.37

Clerk (Elections), $12.50

Correctional Officer (Jail), $15.37

Correctional Officer (Jail) Second rate, $21.22

Crew Leader (Sheriff), $14.38

Deputy Sheriff Marine Patrol – Non Certified Deputy, $14.81

Sheriff Marine Patrol – Certified, $17.69

Dispatchers, $15.37

Medical Director, $107.00

Voting Machine Technicians, $19.44

Hourly (Full Time Employees):

Director of Emergency Management, $19.92

The Legislature also approved the salary for the Legislature chairman at $18,866 for 2021, with the vice chairman to be paid $14,265, and the other five legislators to each be paid $12,576 for 2021.