County planners back zoning change for vacant lot next to Crosby’s in Albion

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 28 April 2024 at 8:58 pm

Company looks to add parking at site that used to be a doctor’s office

ALBION – The Orleans County Planning Board voted in favor of a request from Crosby’s to change the zoning of 210 South Main St. from residential-commercial to general commercial.

The Planning Board reviewed a referral from the Village of Albion during a meeting on Thursday, and the board recommended Albion approve the request from Crosby’s owner, Reid Petroleum of Lockport.

Crosby’s in early March had a house that used to be a doctor’s office knocked down at 210 South Main, next to the Crosby’s store at the southwest corner of routes 98 and 31. Crosby’s wants to add 10 more parking spaces to the now vacant land. The company also wants to have two new 20,000-gallon underground storage tanks, with those tanks partly on the lot next to Crosby’s.

The company could do the project under the current zoning but would prefer to have both sites be zoned general commercial.

John Pastore, director of Real Estate at Reid Petroleum, met with the Albion Village Board on April 10 and said the company also would like to eventually add four electric charging stations for vehicles in the future, and they would likely be the faster-charging level 3 units.

The plan for the now vacant land also includes an outdoor sitting area, expanded dumpster coral, 6-foot high fencing and landscaping.

Pastore said the land acquisition gives Crosby’s a chance for better traffic circulation at the Albion store, which he said is one of the company’s best-performing sites.