County offices now open for appointments only, including DMV

Posted 19 June 2020 at 9:14 am

Press Release, Orleans County Chief Administrative Officer Jack Welch

ALBION – We are pleased to announce that the County Office Building now has three lock boxes near the entrance to assist our residents to conduct business is a safe and healthy manner when the public needs to drop off forms or renewals.

There is one lockbox for the Department of Motor Vehicles, a general lockbox for the County Office Building and one lockbox for the Department of Social Services.  Each box is labeled, DMV, COB, DSS.

Our Department of Motor Vehicles is now accepting appointments for in person transactions at DMV. Please call (585) 589-3214 to schedule your appointment.

We have modified our procedures for entering the County Office Building. The procedures include COVID-19 symptoms screening which includes a non-evasive temperature reading, a sign-in log, and passing through a metal detector. Of course, social distancing is important in all of our buildings as you go to the location required to conduct your business.

When entering all of our buildings, we ask that you wear a face mask or cloth face-covering while inside the building. If however, you are unable to wear a face mask or cloth face-covering due to a medical or health reason, we ask that our complete an acknowledgement that you or a member of your party declines to wear a face mask or cloth face-covering due to a medical or health reason. This also would need to be completed if a minor child is not wearing a face mask or cloth face-covering.

The Treasurer’s Office also has a lockbox located outside of Central Hall for your convenience in dropping documents for the Treasurer’s Office.

We are also maintaining the forms resource area for the Department of Social Services. Forms or applications are there near the entrance of the County Office Building for your convenience.

These measures have been put into place to provide services to our residents in a safe and healthy environment as we continue to move forward during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently we are still open for business, to make an appointment to conduct your business please call:

• Clerk’s Building

County Clerk: (585) 589-5334

Real Property: (585) 589-5400

• County Office Building

DMV: (585) 589-3214

Elections: (585) 589-3274

Job Development: (585) 589-2772

Legislature: (585) 589-7053

Office for the Aging: (585) 589-3191

Personnel and Self Insurance: (585) 589-3186

Planning and Development: (585) 589-3198

Social Services: (585) 589-7000

Tourism: (585) 589-3102

• Emergency Management Office: (585) 589-4414

• Department of Public Works: (585) 589-6145

• Mental Health: (585) 589-7066

• Central Hall

Historian: (585) 589-4174

Treasurer’s Office: (585) 589-5353

• Veteran’s Services: (585) 589-3219

(Editor’s Note: No appointment is needed for early voting at the Board of Elections.)

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