County Legislators urge residents to do their part to slow virus during pandemic

Posted 13 April 2020 at 8:52 pm


As we begin a new week of “different” during this historical time, it is important to remember we are all in this together. Many of you may be frustrated, a bit afraid or even feel a sense of being lost or lonely due to the “safer at home” and social distancing guidelines.

We understand this, and want to remind each Orleans County resident that we can control our reaction to COVID-19 and in some ways slow the spread of this virus.

Each of you can take action to provide defense to the spread of COVID-19 as you are the first line of defense to Stop the Spread!

Please adhere to the following Civic Responsibility Guidelines:

• If you are sick – Stay Home!  Call your primary care provider (doctor) and follow his/her advice. Do not show up at the hospital unannounced. Healthcare staff is already working hard on those who are sick.  Don’t add needless stress to our healthcare system. Think of others first.

• Follow the guidance from the authorities – if you are told to stay 6 feet apart – Stay Apart.

• If you need essential – Shop Solo! Don’t take your family on a shopping trip. You are putting others at risk, especially those working to ensure you have your essential items. Think of them first.

• If at all possible, use mail-order prescriptions. Drug stores are offering many options to enable you to receive your medications. Call and ask so you can “Stay Safer at Home.”

• Consider a grocery delivery service. Call your favorite grocery store to see if they provide store-to-door delivery. If your store doesn’t have a delivery service, check to see if they have curbside pick-up. Remember to wipe down items before bringing into your home or leave untouched (if no refrigeration is needed) in a secure area for a couple of days. Recipe for bleach solution: 1 gallon of water to 5-6 tablespoons of bleach.

• Cloth face coverings are now recommended when you go out in public. You still need to stay 6 feet apart even with your face covered. Online tutorials on face coverings are available (click here). Face coverings should not be used on small children under the age of 2, anyone who has trouble breathing or is unconscious, incapacitated or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.

• Remember this is not the time to have company, play dates for your children or date night to the local store. Stay apart so we can be together again!

• Remember that children crave routine. Continue to follow daily bedtimes, meal schedules, dressing for the day and routines they are familiar with.

• We encourage you to stay in touch with your loved ones and friends…virtually! Take 5 minutes each day to talk with a family member or friend to check on their needs, remind them you are thinking of them. Offer to assist if you are able, however do not engage in group activities.

• Take time to document these times for your family history. This will be talked about for years, so journal, take pictures and provide future generations with an inside look at how you, your family and our nation handled this temporary situation.

The Care + Crisis Helpline is available for anyone 24/7 who needs to talk with someone. Call 585-283-5200 or you can text ‘Got5’ to 741741. Trained listeners can take your call and provide encouragement, support and guidance to services.

We understand the desire to be in control and these suggestions will give you a sense of having control over COVID-19. Remember this time will end soon as long as everyone does their part.

We ask that you remember all those who working hard to provide services for our county. Remember the store clerks, mail personnel, sanitation workers, medical personnel, emergency services, government workers and so many others all want to be with their families, but they are working to keep you safe and supplied with the necessities.

Do your part now and for the next few weeks, stay apart so we can all be together again!

Together we are Orleans Strong!

Lynne Johnson, Chair of Orleans County Legislature, and District 2 Legislator

On behalf of the Orleans County Legislators:

William Eick – District 1, Vice-Chairman of the Legislature

Fred Miller – District 3

Kenneth DeRoller – District 4

Merle Draper – At Large – West

Donald Allport – At Large – Central

John DeFilipps – At Large – East