County legislators finally get a raise

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 3 December 2014 at 12:00 am

ALBION – Orleans County legislators will finally get a raise in 2015, although the pay is still less than they were getting in 2008.

Legislators have been paid $10,948 annually from 2009 to 2014 with the chairman getting $16,424 a year.

The new budget approved on Monday provides 2 percent raises with $11,167 for legislators and $16,752 for the chairman. The budget for the first time gives the vice chairman additional pay for serving in that role. The vice chairman will be paid $12,667 in 2015, a $1,500 boost over regular legislator pay.

The Legislature voted to cut its pay during lean budget times after 2008, when the county was struggling with escalating Medicaid costs.

In 2008, the chairman was paid $16,932 with the six other legislators at $11,287 each.

The Legislature, in a special meeting on Monday following a budget hearing, also set the rates for garbage pickup at $190 per household with another $2 added on for an administrative fee.

The Legislature also named the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle as a legal newspaper for publishing notice of in rem foreclosure proceedings. The county will continue to use The Daily News of Batavia for legals. The Legislature voted to add the D & C after The Journal-Register in Medina went out of business in May.