County legislator praised for seeking to cut penny from sales tax rate

Posted 27 August 2023 at 9:34 pm


I would like to thank Legislature Don Allport for being in touch with the constituency and voting to rescind the long-time theft (June 1st 1993) of an extra one penny for sales tax in Orleans County.

The sales pitch back then 30 years ago was to be just a “temporary thing.” The people should have never allowed it. Never trusted their government. (Once you open the door to anything government it never goes away).

Allen Lofthouse, myself and many conservative committee people, citizens, over the years have railed against this and any other form of taxation that has come up but it had always fallen on deaf Republican ears with every excuse imaginable not to do it.

So we stopped coming to meetings. While the county government industrial complex grows and grows in Orleans County the smart residents move to more tax and business friendly states with conservatives running them. The rest of us here struggle and stagnate as our governments continue to tax and grow.

These Republicans are the same bunch that would not give us any relief on the fuel taxes. It is refreshing to hear an elected representative put the foot down and say NO to taxation, theft.

I often wonder what does it actually mean or represent to have the name Republican in front of a politician’s name? It seems at the county level in many cases to mean “Democrat.” Don’t listen to what they say pay attention to  how they spend and vote.

Paul Lauricella

Orleans County Conservative Party chairman