County legislator appointed to NYS Canal Recreationway Commission

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 29 June 2018 at 7:23 am

Ken DeRoller

KENDALL – Orleans County Legislator Ken DeRoller of Kendall has been appointed by the governor to serve on the state’s Canal Recreationway Commission.

He was notified by letter on June 19 from Melissa DeRosa, secretary to the governor. DeRoller will serve the remainder of a term that lasts until March 23, 2019.

DeRoller told the other county legislators on Wednesday that serving on the commission gives him a chance to speak up for the canal communities in Orleans County.

He is pleased with recent state commitments to repair canal bridges. However, he said the canal is an underdeveloped asset in Orleans. He wants to see the local communities better capitalize on the canal, drawing more tourists and economic activity.

The Recreationway Commission was created by the New York State Legislature in 1992 and has 24 members. There are 14 voting members including ten other members who work together trying to promote canal use, development, preservation and enhancement.

DeRoller believes the canal communities will be better positioned to utilize the canal after two waterfront plans are developed. The Village of Medina is working on a waterfront development plan while the rest of the canal communities – towns of Shelby and Ridgeway, Gaines, Albion and Murray, as well as villages of Albion and Holley – are developing a canal waterfront plan.

State funding is covering most of the costs for those plans for about 25 miles of waterfront in Orleans along the canal.

The waterfront revitalization plans will include public input to identify assets along the canal and identify projects and strategies to enhance the canal waterfront.

DeRoller said serving on the Recreationway Commission gets him “in the room” with state officials to advocate for the county, and see successes in other communities.

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