County leaders gather for banquet at Marti’s Restaurant in 1947

Posted 14 September 2014 at 12:00 am

By Bill Lattin
Orleans County Historian

ALBION – County personnel met at Marti’s Restaurant on Nov. 6, 1947 for a banquet when this photo was taken. Celia Keeler, clerk for the Board of Supervisors, is pictured second from left. She died on June 5 at age 106. She is the last known living person in this photograph.

Pictured, left to right around the table, include: Herb Holt, clerk of the highway department; Celia Keeler, clerk for the Board of Supervisors; Justin Robert, Shelby town supervisor; Katherin Mathews, secretary to child welfare agent; unidentified, machine agent; J.J. Beach, Ridgeway town supervisor; Ole Orsland, Kendall town supervisor; Earl Strickland, Carlton town supervisor; Henry De Lano, Barre town supervisor;

Ross N. Wilson, Albion town supervisor; Harold Farnsworth, secretary for civil service; Mark Heath, county attorney; John Kast, Gaines town supervisor; Mrs. R. Beebe, Murray town supervisor; Henry Hannan, highway superintendent; M. Harris, custodian; Geraldine Barry, deputy county treasurer; Manley Morrison, Yates town supervisor; unidentified, machine agent; and Cassius Webster, Clarendon town supervisor.