County employees across state praised in public service announcement

Posted 22 April 2020 at 8:58 am

Press Release, New York State Association of Counties

The New York State Association of Counties (NYSAC) has released a public service announcement saluting the local government workers across the state who are helping to lead the local response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The PSA can be seen by clicking here.

“Many people don’t realize the extent to which the battle against COVID-19 is being fought by county government employees, and we salute the work that they are doing each and every day. I am humbled and grateful for the heroic services our employees provide to protect the public,” said NYSAC President John F. Marren, chairman of the Ontario County Board of Supervisors.

County government employees include but are not limited to:

  • local public health officials protecting the spread of communicable diseases
  • first responders helping those in need of health care
  • 911 dispatch employees bringing needed assistance
  • sheriffs and police officers who patrol and enforce executive orders and protect the public
  • jail administrators who care for inmates and protect society
  • emergency management personnel who coordinate the response and recovery efforts
  • county onsite incident commanders (chief electeds) who fight each day for a better tomorrow and coordinate the response at the regional level
  • county attorneys who guide the incident commanders
  • social service employees providing temporary assistance, food and health insurance
  • mental health workers who help us cope as we remain in isolation
  • county clerks processing important legal documents for property, the court system and DMV
  • district attorneys for upholding the rule of law
  • public defenders providing counsel to those in need
  • area agencies on aging protecting our senior providing meals and transportation for medical appointments
  • consumer protection employees rooting out consumer fraud
  • coroners and medical examiners ensuring dignity in death and reporting the cause of death
  • veterans’ affairs employees making sure our heroes get what they need when they need it
  • youth service employees ensuring childcare is provided for first responders and other services for our youth
  • highway, sanitation and public works keeping our infrastructure safe and functioning

The PSA is part of a new public awareness campaign called NY Counties Lead, which is focused on telling stories from the front lines of this war.

“County leaders are the onsite incident commanders interacting with all local governments in the region,” said NYSAC Executive Director Stephen J. Acquario. “These county leaders serve as the generals in the field. The COVID-19 war will be won through a series of battles, and these battles are fought in our communities engaging the public at large. County leaders are constantly developing innovative ways to eliminate the spread of the virus, modeling courage at the local level and focused on strengthening our local communities during this global pandemic.”

As part of NY Counties Lead, NYSAC is detailing many of the ways that counties are working to stop the spread of the virus, address the challenges of social distancing, and/or deal with the social and economic impact that the global pandemic is having on their own communities.

“This is the reason we created the PSA, and this is also why it is critical for Congress to negotiate and pass a state and local recovery aid package that ensure that counties and states can continue to provide the services and programs that we need to stop the spread of COVID-19 and help those New Yorkers who need it most,” Marren said.

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