Democratic Party leaders from 8 counties critical of Collins for supporting Trump

Posted 9 October 2016 at 10:11 am


The 8 Democratic county chairs of New York’s 27th Congressional District unite to denounce Donald Trump’s demonstrated sexist and vulgar attitudes towards women and Rep. Chris Collins’ continued support of Trump’s candidacy in the face of blatant proof that Trump’s attitudes are demeaning and derogatory towards 51% of this country and this district.

While Republican leaders and elected officials throughout the nation are abandoning Trump in droves, Chris Collins has asserted, “There is no change in my support of Mr. Trump as our nominee.”

To be clear, Mr. Trump bragged about repeatedly committing sexual assault without consequence because he was a “star.” That Collins did not join his colleagues who have concluded that Trump is unfit and unqualified to be president casts grave doubt on Collins’ judgment and ability to represent all of the voters, especially the women, of the 27th District.

We hope that the many people offended by Mr. Collins’ lack of spine in standing up to his party’s nominee will join us in supporting Diana Kastenbaum for Congress.

Jeremy Zellner, Erie County Democratic Chair

Nick Forster, Niagara County Democratic Chair

Jeanne Crane, Orleans County Democratic Chair

Michael Plitt, Genesee County Democratic Chair

Cynthia Appleton, Wyoming County Democratic Chair

Judith Hunter, Livingston County Democratic Chair

Jamie Romeo, Monroe County Democratic Chair

John Hurley, Ontario County Democratic Chair