County Clerk warns of scam with copies of property deeds

Posted 29 April 2021 at 6:03 pm

Press Release, Nadine Hanlon, Orleans County Clerk

ALBION – Orleans County residents may have recently received letters from various companies offering to sell them a certified copy of their property deed for $69.50 or any other dollar amounts they are indicating.

Please note that any company that makes these solicitations via mail, e-mail or by phone are not affiliated with or acting on the behalf of the Orleans County Clerk’s Office.  If you need a copy of a deed to property you own, this can and should be requested through the Orleans County Clerk’s Office or through your attorney.

You may obtain a copy of your deed directly from the Orleans County Clerk’s Office at a charge of no more than $1 per page. There is no need to pay the ridiculous price of $69.50 or any other amount they may try to obtain from you.

This is a scam!

Again, if you ever need to obtain a copy of your deed, please feel free to call the Orleans County Clerk’s Office at (585) 589-5334 and we will be happy to assist you.