County Clerk: pistol permit renewals are handled by State Police in Albany, not at local clerk’s office

Posted 19 January 2022 at 12:16 pm

Press Release, Orleans County Clerk Nadine Hanlon

ALBION – The Pistol Permit “Recertification” Process, also recently referred to in the news as “renewal” of your pistol permit, has been a topic of much discussion and also has caused many inquiries through the Orleans County Pistol Permit Office.

Nadine Hanlon, Orleans County Clerk, would like to provide the following information to make the recertification process easy.

The “New York State Pistol/Revolver License Recertification” is a process handled entirely by the New York State Police Pistol Permit Bureau in Albany. The Orleans County Pistol Permit Office cannot accept these forms for filing.

The recertification process is in addition to the usual local processing of activity on your Orleans County Pistol Permit – it is a summary of your current pistol permit status to Albany, which is mandatory every 5 years.

The Orleans County Pistol Permit Office does not have information on your current recertification status.

If you do not have internet access, please call the NYS Troopers in Albany at: 1-855-lawguns (1-855-529-4867) to determine your recertification status with them, and for further inquiries.

For those with internet access, you can access the New York State Police Pistol Permit website through the Orleans County Pistol Permit website, by clicking here, or search “Orleans County, NY – Pistol Permits.”

From our website, you can then access the following links on the NYS Police Pistol Permit website, as follows:

• Recertification – New York State Pistol/Revolver License Holder: New York State firearms laws require pistol/revolver license holders to recertify their status every five years.  Click here for more information.

The status of submitted recertification forms can be conveniently checked by clicking here. You will need to have your New York State Driver License or Non-Driver Identification Card in order to check or complete your recertification status.