County clerk candidate should have agreed to forum so voters could make informed choice

Posted 23 September 2020 at 8:42 am


The power of the vote is the single most important tool in the kit provided by our founding fathers to preserve this fine democracy in which we live.

The voice of each citizen cast boldly in an effort to inject momentum in a direction that may ensure their own benefit and well-being, to voice their concerns, and remind those among us who have assumed (or wish to assume) control of the many positions of power that effect all of our lives, that the primary goal is to serve the people of the township, county, state, or country as a whole for those who believed them worthy of their position of authority.

In effort to provide what is truly required to make an informed decision on November 3rd, Diane L. Shampine crafted an invitation for public debate to Nadine Hanlon, a candidate for the elected  position of County Clerk. This was verified to have been received on August 28th.

Although the invitation was delivered, we have received no response to date, and as a consequence many voters may be asked to make an important decision while lacking fundamental information. One of the candidates in a two-person race appears to believe this a trivial ritualistic formality, and in doing so has deprived the voters of Orleans County the opportunity to study the strengths and  weaknesses of each candidate presented. One can base their candidacy upon the power of social connections and “glad-handing” or they can stand up and prove themselves knowledgeable and worthy.

One of the people vying for this position has served the public in the County Clerk’s Office for 18 years in varying positions ranging from Index Clerk, to Deputy County Clerk, and now Acting County Clerk (successfully during the most difficult time in modern history).

And one of these candidates isn’t quite certain what the duties of County Clerk actually are, or even what will be required to maintain functionality at the Clerk’s office. This isn’t intended as a hurtful dig but rather a simple statement of fact, which unfortunately must now be made given the lack of opportunity to illustrate facts through debate.

I urge you to show up on November 3rd and exercise your will for the benefit of not only yourself, but for the good of all of Orleans County. Vote for experience, vote for knowledge, vote to ensure the continuity of essential government services utilized by all county residents, provided by the offices of County Clerk – The Office of County Clerk, Pistol Permits, and Department of Motor Vehicles .


Randy Klossner


Campaign Manager for Diane Shampine