County clerk candidate has shared message of qualifications, community commitment

Posted 25 September 2020 at 7:37 am


I was invited to debate my opponent for the position of Orleans County Clerk. The letter received from my opponent offered the opportunity to debate my experience and values.

Although our campaigning has been greatly hindered by Covid-19, I do not believe that my experience and values are something that can be debated. I have shared my education and experience with the voters through multiple ads and social media postings to allow them the opportunity to get to know me better.

Even though I am unable to shake hands and share hugs during parades, fundraisers, and other public events, I have faith that through my community service and active participation within Orleans County that the residents understand how much I value our community.

The Orleans County Clerk’s office is governed by state and local directives as well as statutes and regulations. My goal, if elected County Clerk, is to create an office that offers quality customer service, updated technology to enhance customer service, and easier access to information.

I have strived to maintain a civil campaign and still intend to do so with great integrity. With both of us being current County employees, I believe that it is our duty to those residing within the County to maintain a professional and respectful work relationship to ensure that tasks do not become hindered due to tension over a political campaign.

Given the circumstances that have arose this year, I still believe that the residents of Orleans County are capable of respectfully choosing a candidate to fill the seat of Orleans County Clerk come November.

Nadine P. Hanlon


Republican-endorsed candidate for Orleans County Clerk