County Bar Association endorses Church for Judge

Posted 5 November 2017 at 4:04 pm


The attorney living in Ontario County and practicing in Monroe County that is running for Orleans County Judge resigned her membership from the Orleans County Bar Association in approximately 2011 and we have not seen her since. She has not practiced in this county since that time. We believe she may have been upset that her boyfriend did not win the election for Orleans County Judge so she decided she did not want to practice here in this county and, simply, left.

As a result, the Orleans County Bar Association knows nothing of her recent experience, community outreach, or ability to serve as the County Judge who wears many hats in this county.

However, we do know that Sandy Church has all the experience, ability, and integrity to serve this community. As such, the Orleans County Bar Association unanimously endorses Sandy Church as Orleans County Judge.

Dana Graber

President of Orleans County Bar Association