County backs Yates resolution, opposing offshore wind turbine projects

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 5 March 2018 at 1:01 pm

ALBION – The Orleans County Legislature has joined the Yates Town Board in opposing large-scale industrial wind turbine projects offshore in Lake Ontario.

The County Legislature last week passed its resolution against large-scale offshore wind energy development along the shores of Orleans County, which includes about 24 miles in the towns of Yates, Carlton and Kendall.

Legislator Don Allport, R-Gaines, said the state may be looking to push the projects on rural areas.

Legislator Ken DeRoller, R-Kendall, said the state should focus its renewable energy efforts on better utilizing the hydroelectric facility at Niagara Falls.

“We are sitting on the cleanest and cheapest hydropower,” he said.

The county’s resolution, opposing offshore wind in Lake Ontario, will be sent to Gov. Cuomo, Assemblyman Steve Hawley, Assemblyman Mike Norris and State Sen. Robert Ortt.

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