Legislators authorize emergency replacement to Townline Road culvert, but could take months

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 26 March 2022 at 7:33 am

YATES – The Orleans County Legislature has authorized an emergency replacement of the culvert on Yates-Carlton Townline Road over Johnson Creek.

The culvert suffered a structural failure on Feb. 20 due to high water flow in the creek. The culvert – a corrugated pipe – already was rotted on the bottom, said John Papponetti, the county’s DPW commissioner and engineer.

The fast-moving water pushed the pipe, and caused a shoulder to collapse. That instability has now spread to near the center line of the road, Papponetti said.

He wants the culvert to be replaced with precast concrete. There is currently a shortage of materials which could keep that section of the road closed for a few months. Or there is a chance the county could locate an available precast concrete culvert the right size.

“There is no set schedule,” Papponetti told county legislators on Wednesday. “We’re getting the survey work done to properly size the culvert.”

The emergency designation from the Legislature allows Papponetti and county officials “to procure all materials, labor and equipment necessary to complete the work in an expedited manner.”