County approves $3,000 for Cobblestone Museum at year-end meeting

File photo by Tom Rivers: Elderberry Jam performed fiddle music to a full house on April 14 during a concert at the Cobblestone Universalist Church, which is part of the Cobblestone Museum. The museum welcomed more than 4,000 visitors in 2019.

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 23 December 2019 at 12:06 pm

ALBION – The Orleans County Legislature approved $3,000 for the Cobblestone Museum from contingency funds during a meeting last Wednesday.

The museum isn’t included as a line item in the county’s budget, but in 2016 and ’17, the Legislature approved $3,000 for the museum. Last year, the Legislature didn’t approve the funding at the year-end meeting.

The museum used to be part of the regular budget and has tried to be included as a line item. That hasn’t happened, but legislators have approved some funding from contingency.

The museum is coming off a busy year, completing capital projects at several buildings and welcoming 4,026 visitors. That is up from 3,320 in 2018.

The museum also has new signs and a promotional video, “Celebrating Our Cobblestone Heritage.” Click here to see the video.

The county budget in 2020 includes the following funding for agencies and organizations that provide services in the community: Cornell Cooperative Extension, $240,000; Orleans Economic Development Agency, $190,000; Soil & Water Conservation District, $92,500; four public libraries, $10,000 combined; Sportsmen’s Federation, $4,000; and Geneses-Orleans Regional Arts Council, $3,000.

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