County accepts bids to replace bridges, culverts

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 28 May 2015 at 12:00 am

ALBION – Orleans County is moving forward with three bridge replacements and two new culverts.

The County Legislature on Wednesday accepted a $430,199 bid from Keeler Construction in Barre to replace two culverts on Knowlesville Road in Ridgeway over the Oak Orchard Creek.

The county also accepted a $322,935 bid from Redman Construction in Brockport to replace a bridge from 1968 in Barre in the muck on Oak Orchard Road over Manning Muckland Creek.

The county will also replace a bridge from 1934 over Beardsley Creek on Waterport-Carlton Road in Carlton. C.P.Ward from Scottsville submitted the low bid, $486,606, for the project.

The work will be paid for as part of an $8 million bond the county took out last year for a series of infrastructure projects over three years.

The county is also working on the East Scott Road Bridge over Fish Creek in Ridgeway. The Legislature approved a $49,600 contract with Barton and Loguidance of Syracuse for engineering services for that project, which will likely go to contractors for construction next year.

County Highway Superintendent Jerry Gray said the bridges in Barre and in Carlton that will be replaced were in danger of being “red flagged” by the state Department of Transportation with weight reductions. That would make travel more difficult, especially for the farm equipment in the muck, Gray said.

Besides the two bridges this year, the county in 2016 and 2017 plans to replace bridges from 1959 in Kendall on Carton Road over Sandy Creek, a bridge from 1936 in Ridgeway over Fish Creek on East Scott Road, one from 1928 in Ridgeway over Fish Creek on Culvert Road, and a bridge from 1956 in Kendall over Sandy Creek on Norway Road.

The county also plans to replace four other culverts in 2016 and 2017, besides the two for this year on Knowlesville Road in Ridgeway. The others include two on Platten Road in Yates, and two on South Holley Road in Clarendon.