Country needs to act now to protect democracy by passing civil rights legislation

Posted 3 January 2022 at 9:39 am


Mr. Fine stated in his 12/20 letter: “What Republicans could not achieve by physical violence on Jan. 6 they are trying to achieve by the violence of lies and deceit.”

Mr. Fine’s points were elaborated on 10 days later in a 12/30 AP article titled: “The GOP’s slow motion insurrection.”

I implore everybody to read and digest this AP article. To grossly simplify, there are ongoing efforts in a half dozen GOP-led major states to pass state laws to literally steal, if needed, their own elections. This will guarantee those states electing Trumpist House and Senate candidates in 2022.

This will then almost certainly give Republicans control of both houses of Congress. With a Republican majority in Congress they will do whatever is needed to control the electoral system  for the 2024 elections.

The control of which will then in 2025 reinstall a quadruple bankrupt, twice impeached, person who has never won a popular vote, to the presidency. They may install somebody else, who would likely be worse. In either case democracy in this country will end in 2025.

We must act in the next few months to keep the 2024 presidential elections from being stolen. To overcome “The GOP’s slow motion insurrection” we must eliminate  the filibuster rule and pass both civil rights acts. It must be done now. Six months from now would likely be too late.

Dennis Seekins