Counties should rein in spending instead of seeking sales tax from Internet purchases

Posted 21 March 2018 at 8:19 am


I urge our State Representatives to not support the Internet Un-fairness and Conformity Act in the 2018-19 budget. The problem is not that the counties and local governments don’t collect enough taxes, sales, property or otherwise.

The problem is they are addicted to spending and growing government. We should declare local governments “a public nuisance” and file a class-action law suit against the big government counties and local governments to recoup some of the money they have wasted causing most people to have a stressful stagnant quality of life from over-taxation. This blatant desperation for money is no different than an addict smashing your car window to steal the change out of cup in your dash.

Un-elected CAO Nesbitt’s comment floored me: “If we do not modernize our sales tax system, counties will have no choice but to start raising property taxes to sustain our programs and services, and no one wants that,” said NYSAC Vice President (how did he get this position?) Chuck Nesbitt, the Orleans County Chief Administrative Officer. Mr. Nesbitt, “start raising taxes?” You have been the Un-Elected CAO for 10-12 years? You have raised taxes every year but one. Start?

I fault this crop of tax-and-spend legislators for not pulling hard on the spending reins. Yes, cut services, cut workforce and cut your desire to expand and grow government. It’s OK to do that. We do not need all the government we have and you don’t need to sustain it at the level you do.

The taxpayers can no longer afford an Un-elected CAO that uses every excuse to raise taxes. There needs to be a referendum for the voters to make the CAO position an elected one. Legislators do your job, yeah right.

The Conservative and Republican committees are reorganizing this year. You want change? Get a petition and run for the committee in your town. They are the ones who have given us this bunch of tax-you-to-death politicians. Change the committees and you can change the candidates. Keep your hands off the Internet. I can’t believe any Republican would support this.

Paul Lauricella