Councilman says Yates making progress on many issues while also fighting turbine project

Posted 26 October 2018 at 10:26 am


I read, with great interest, the editorials posted by those reading my editorial letters. The feedback is welcomed.

To reduce confusion as much as possible a few short comments are offered:

• DPS Comments Assessment from year end 2017 and as posted in the Orleans Hub show a one-time commenter breakdown as follows: Opposed to Lighthouse Wind: 74 percent; In support of Lighthouse Wind: 26 percent

Mr. Hyde’s one-time commenter numbers (66.6% Opposed, 33.4% In favor), though he excludes certain comments, are not significantly different from a statistical point of view for data generated over 4.5 years. In fact, both sets of numbers fall within the historic Opposition vs. Support percentages as exhibited in surveys put forth by both Yates and Somerset.

• Regarding the assessment performed on Apex’s bird death mailer referenced by Mr. Pierce; in fact the number of bird deaths reported and calculations made in the letter to the Hub were all referenced to peer-reviewed studies and are accurate estimates.

Unfortunately, with all the energy expended by our Town and its constituents in fighting or supporting this Industrial Wind Turbine Project, there seems to be little interest in the progress being forged in the Town of Yates:

• Implementing corrective actions from the State Controller Audit of town finances and fixing the errors of the past.

• Ensuring a robust update to the 18-year old Comprehensive Plan that will improve our town as we move into the future via clear direction toward our  goals.

• Vital work on updating our 22-year old Local Waterfront Redevelopment Plan, which will ensure the Town of Yates becomes a destination for tourists, vacationers and sports enthusiasts.

• Full and committed support of our Fire and Ambulance Services to ensure exemplary service.

• Completion of construction of the final steps in ensuring public access to clean and pure water to all Town of Yates constituents and visitors.

• Update of the 20-year old Employee Handbook and successful unmediated negotiated contract with employees.

• Initiating comprehensive update of 30-year old Emergency Plan for the town.

• Garnered $400,000 grant to remediate the damage to the shoreline of the Town park and two other town locations resulting from the flooding on Lake Ontario.

In all, I am honored to do my part in helping the Town of Yates realize a successful and prosperous future.

As I have indicated numerous time in the past, I am willing to speak in person with anyone at any time on the issues facing our Town.

Thank you,

John B. Riggi

Councilman, Town of Yates