Troutburg project is moving along in Kendall, slower than expected

By Kristina Gabalski, Correspondent Posted 20 January 2016 at 12:00 am

KENDALL – The Cottages at Troutburg is proceeding, slower than originally projected.

Town Councilman Bruce Newell provided an update on Troutburg during Tuesday’s Town Board meeting.

The Wegman Group is developing the 126-acre former Salvation Army camp along Lake Ontario into seasonal homes. The developer says the site has room for 400 units.

Newell and Code Enforcement Officer Paul Hennekey reported that the town recently received a letter from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation informing them that it has raised the number of cottages from 8 to 20 that can be served by a temporary sewage treatment process by which an on-site facility is used as a holding tank and pumped. Hennekey said there are currently eight cottages onsite.

“I would like to hear more explanation about why the DEC thought it was appropriate,” Newell remarked regarding the increase in allowable cottages built before the treatment plant is fully operational.

Hennekey said an official at the DEC told him the holding facility, which will eventually function as a treatment facility, will function better in that capacity once 20 cottages have been built and that there would be no problem constructing additional cottages and issuing certificates of occupancy.

Town Supervisor Tony Cammarata said he wants Hennekey to contact the DEC again in order to pin down a time for the DEC to come out and inspect the facility.

“If they can give you factual data (the town) would be more comfortable with where we are at this point,” Cammarata said, and explained that if the current set-up is adequate, the cottages could proceed, but if it is not, the DEC could make recommendations regarding what should be done.

Hennekey noted that work is progressing on getting the treatment plant operational.

“They are working on it – it could be weeks away or months away,” he said.

In other action at the town meeting, Kendall Highway Superintendent Warren Kruger was welcomed to the regular Kendall Town Board meeting Tuesday evening with a round of applause from Town Board members. High winds and snowfall this week have kept Kruger and members of his department busy. Cammarata noted Kruger had spent the better part of the previous 24 hours working.

“Warren has been out all night and all day and has done a terrific job to keep our roads safe and clean,” Cammarata noted earlier in the meeting. Kruger joined the meeting in progress and Cammarata had given the highway department report prior to his arrival.

“We very much appreciate everybody in the highway department’s efforts to make Kendall a safe community to drive through,” Cammarata said.

Kruger noted that crews and plows are holding up well.

“Winter’s here and it’s blowing and drifting, it’s not the snow it’s the wind,” he said.