Corey Black goes extra mile for neighbors, community

Posted 12 September 2018 at 10:59 am


It is my pleasure to speak on behalf of Corey Black’s incredible work ethic, camaraderie, and diligence to detail in everything that he does.

My name is Joseph Marvin. My family and I have been residents of the town of Gaines since summer of 2014. Prior to our arrival we were stationed in Stuttgart, Germany where I retired from the U.S Air Force after 23 years of serving as a law enforcement anti-terrorist specialist.

Given my unique situation, I had to purchase my home sight unseen two months upon my arrival. My family and I were hesitant to leave our newly purchased home vacant for the time being.

Little did I know I had nothing to worry about for Corey Black was going to be my new neighbor. Before I even met the gentleman, he ensured my home was secured and he kept up on the lawn for those two months.

Corey and his family were the very first people we came into contact with from the town. They made us feel safe and welcome. Corey was able to enlighten us about the town for he has a wealth of knowledge.

For Corey Black to have dedicated such generosity to strangers speaks volumes as to what he will do for the town of Gaines.

Over the four years of living next to Corey I have witnessed him go above and beyond in helping others. He is a man that greatly cares for others and their families.

He is the epitome of a leader who wants the best for his community.

His success is our gain!


Joseph Marvin