Contraband, including synthetic marijuana, seized at Orleans Correctional Facility

Posted 23 January 2018 at 9:05 pm

Press Release, New York State Corrections Officers Benevolent Association

ALBION – A package delivered to the Orleans Correctional Facility on Friday contained illegal drugs and a screwdriver, the union representing corrections officers is reporting today.

Based on information obtained in an investigation, officers searched a package that was delivered to the prison and seized 286 grams of synthetic marijuana – commonly known as “K2” – and 120 homemade pills. The pills are being tested to determine what substance they contain. A screwdriver also was located inside the packaging.

In a separate incident at the facility on Sunday, an officer was assaulted by an inmate. The officer sustained a fractured bone in his right hand and abrasions to the side of his head.

The assault occurred while the inmate was being escorted from the visiting area. He became very aggressive and boisterous when he was ordered by officers to calm down. The inmate then turned suddenly and punched the officer in the mouth and head, the union said.

The officer and a second officer who was on the scene put the inmate in body holds. They were able to apply mechanical restraints. The inmate, 22, is serving seven years after being convicted for burglary in the second degree in 2013. The inmate was removed from the visiting area and placed in a special housing unit.

The officer was treated by facility medical staff and followed up at an outside hospital. He did not return to duty.

“The reality we face is that contraband and violence is still a prevalent issue in state correctional facilities,” said Joe Miano, NYSCOPBA Western Region Vice President. “Inmates are still finding innovative ways to smuggle contraband into our prisons. The contraband, ranging from drugs to weapons and more, compromises the safety and security of inmates and staff in our correctional facilities. Unprovoked attacks on staff still continue at an alarming rate and proactive steps must be taken to provide a safer environment for our members.”

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