Construction starts in Carlton to rebuild Lakeside Park Road

Google Maps: This map shows the peninsula in Carlton that includes Lakeside Park Road, which was battered by flooding and erosion in 2017 and 2019.

Posted 15 September 2021 at 3:03 pm

Press Release, NYS Department of Transportation

CARLTON – The New York State Department of Transportation announced that construction has begun on a $261,000 resiliency project awarded to the town of Carlton, Orleans County, through the State’s Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative (REDI).

The shoreline along Lakeside Park Road, which runs along a peninsula of land located in between Lake Ontario and Johnson Creek, has experienced degradation due to repeated flooding events. The shoreline erosion has caused the access road to become unusable, resulting in the loss of land protecting homes, and approximately 300 linear feet of public water line at risk of being exposed and compromised.

This project seeks to mitigate future flooding and reduce the erosion of the Lakeside Park Road, while ensuring safe access for residents and emergency responders, and protecting critical infrastructure.

State Department of Transportation Commissioner Marie Therese Dominguez said, “Flooding and extreme weather have plagued the town of Carlton and surrounding areas, causing disruption on local roadways and issues for the local communities especially during emergency situations. The Department of Transportation is always proud to partner with our local and state REDI partners to serve these shoreline communities. With this project we are building back stronger to ensure access to local residents and emergency personnel during extreme weather events. Our continued goal is to build a more resilient infrastructure that will stand up to what mother nature sends our way.”

Resiliency measures to be implemented in this project include:

  • Construction of a new access road
  • Placement of riprap stone along the shoreline to protect the public water line during future high-water events

Photo by Tom Rivers: The Town of Carlton Highway Department uses a payloader to carry pallets of sandbags across a washed out section of Lakeside Park Road West on June 2, 2019. A chunk of road washed out from Lake Ontario flooding. Residents at three houses needed to walk through the washed out road to reach their houses. The road will protected with riprap in one of the REDI projects.

Senator Robert Ortt said, “By attending to the issues surrounding Lakeside Park Road, New York State and the REDI Commission are taking proactive measures to ensure not only the safety of local residents but are also addressing the issue of erosion that may further impact the ability of first responders to access the road. This forward thinking will also protect critical infrastructure utilities located along the road and will minimize the potential impact of any naturally occurring emergencies in the future. I applaud New York State and the REDI Commission for identifying this situation and implementing the necessary solutions.”

Assemblyman Stephen Hawley said, ​“Preserving the shoreline means preserving our local economy, and giving the people who live and travel along Lakeside Park Road the peace of mind they deserve in their daily lives. I am very pleased to see this proactive project break ground, and hope all goes well as the project proceeds.”

Town of Carlton Supervisor Gayle Ashbery said, “The flooding that occurred in 2019 caused severe erosion along the shoreline of Lakeside Park Road, leaving critical infrastructure exposed and vulnerable. The town of Carlton is pleased that through our partnership with New York State, the shoreline will be stabilized, and the waterline will be protected.”