Construction on $550K Skate Park in Medina expected to start in spring

Design by Spohn Ranch Skateparks: The new skate park in Medina will have many elements for skaters, from the beginning level to intermediate and more advanced skill levels.

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 10 February 2021 at 1:43 pm

MEDINA – If the weather cooperates, construction on Medina’s new skate park could start in March, said Alex Feig, president of the Medina Skate Society.

The construction project will take about 90 to 120 days to complete.

“The early estimate is a grand opening in mid to late June with the less optimistic date of mid to late August,” Feig said.

Provided photos: The Village of Medina DPW took down the old fence posts and ripped up the old asphalt tennis courts on Jan. 7 to clear the site for the new park.

The organization has lined up nearly $550,000 to build the new site at Butts Park. That includes $250,570.53 raised through local fundraisers and donations. That allowed the Skate Society to maximize a $250,000 matching grant from the Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation.

The Skate Society also has been awarded $42,000 for an Environmental Impact Award grant by The Skatepark Project which will be used for storm water management and bioswales.

The funding gives the Skate Society a total working budget of $542,570.53. The organization welcomes in-kind donations from concrete, temporary bathrooms, topsoil to contractor lodging. A list of options for donations is available on the Skate Society website (click here).

The Skate Society also is currently selling meat raffle tickets for $5 a piece or 3 for $10 as the group eases back into some fundraising efforts this year. The raffle drawing is March 20. For information on tickets, call Terri at (716) 998-7516.

The old skate park, a repurposed tennis court, was removed on Jan. 7.

The $550K budget covers the entire design and construction of the skatepark by Spohn Ranch but doesn’t include additional planned seating, signage and other amenities.

“We are continuing to fundraise for these additions along with seeking in-kind contributions and volunteer/partnership opportunities,” Feig said.

The park includes areas and features for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

Some of the features include:

  • 2.5-foot to 4-foot quarter pipes lining the southern edge of the park.
  • A 2.5-foot mini-ramp/beginner bowl section that waterfalls down to a 4-foot section along the north eastern edge.
  • A fun box with a hip and an inventive street sized curb (for doing slappys).
  • There are hubbas (grind ledges) and grind rails for beginner, intermediate and advanced skaters and riders.
  • The intermediate kidney shaped bowl begins at 5 feet and waterfalls down to 7 feet.
  • When entering the park from the walkway stretching from the main parking lot past the pavilion/seating area, there is 9-inch manual pad with a 20-inch ledge that will also bare the name of The Luke Nelson Skate Park, said Alex Feig, president of the Medina Skate Society.
  • The most prominent feature facing south Main Street is a functional art installation (steep slant) standing approximately 9 feet tall and 24 feet wide, Feig said. “This is where our sponsors will be displayed so it’s the first thing visitors see when they pull into the Butts Park.”

The park will be named for Luke Nelson, a skateboarder from Middleport who often used the park. He was 23 when he passed away on April 22, 2017. His family has donated to the park and helped organize the fundraisers to upgrade the site.

The Skate Society is working on the design of the “donor wall” with Takeform in Medina. The Skate Society also is discussing with Orleans/Niagara BOCES to have some of their students produce a bike rack to be installed at the park as a senior project, Feig said.

“We are planning on adding three long concrete block style benches covered with individualized mosaic tile designs and connected by a lightly landscaped walkway that winds from the parking area into the skatepark,” he said.

The site was cleared of the former tennis court and is ready the new skate park.