Constitutional sheriffs make sure laws don’t infringe on rights

Posted 28 February 2019 at 8:08 am


I’m not sure what letter Al Capurso thought referenced Joe Arpaio, but if it was mine, he was mistaken. However if he needs to know who some of the Constitutional Sheriffs are, he might look up Richard Mack, the sheriffs in Washington and New Mexico who are refusing to enforce oppressive gun control laws, Darryl Wheeler of Bonner County, Marty Gleave of Piute County, and those on this list (click here).

Even though Joe Arpaio supports CSPOA (Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association) and claims to be Constitutional, it does not follow that every other member of the organization is like him. Nor does it follow that he actually is a Constitutional Sheriff.

This is a statement from CSPOA about vetting your sheriff: The Sheriff is identified as the CLEO, or chief law enforcement officer of his/her county. As an elected official he/she is the ultimate protector of the people providing a check and balance locally for any state or federal agency that may infringe the constitutional rights of the people.

The sheriff is a citizen first. Elected by citizens (the people). And answers only to the people.

Our goal is to educate citizens and elected officials, from sheriffs to commissioners to judges on their Constitutional rights and responsibilities. With this knowledge we become empowered to walk in our inalienable rights that have endowed upon us by our creator.

Perhaps Joe Arpaio was not such a Constitutional thinker and that is why he lost his race.

Judy Larkin