Constitutional Sheriff won’t pick and choose laws to enforce, but will be committed to residents’ freedom

Posted 25 October 2015 at 12:00 am


There are many, many laws on the books, so many that a person cannot get through the day without violating several of them unknowingly.

Every day, police officers make a judgment call on what to enforce and what to let slide. Have you ever gotten just a warning, rather than a ticket? Is that not someone “not enforcing the law?”

Because of the way the government currently works, we have “laws” that infringe on our Constitutional rights. If you are a farmer with a field of standing water and you want to drain it, you cannot without the EPA’s permission.

If you have a dispute with the IRS, whether you are in the right or not, the IRS can seize your assets. Under the NDAA, the federal government has given itself permission to take everything you own and incarcerate you with no charges, indefinitely.

And NYS has put into place an illegally-wrought and unconstitutional law called the SAFE Act. Yes, there are aspects that seem good, but the entire piece of legislation was enacted incorrectly and illogically. Does anyone remember that in the beginning it made LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers) felons as well?

A Constitutional Sheriff does not “pick and choose” the laws as we understand the phrase. He will study the Constitution as it relates to law enforcement, examine which laws are held up by the Constitution, and act accordingly. He stops tyranny and oppression of the people of his county, both at the state and federal level.

Is it not tyranny when a state agency threatens a local business to turn over paperwork or have a visit by a SWAT team? Is not eminent domain tyranny? Is seizing assets not tyranny?

We have not seen a great deal of federal oppression here because there is not as much federal land in this county. But we do not live in a bubble, so rest assured, it is coming.

A Constitutional Sheriff will not have a lawless county, but a safe one. He will not only work to keep the people safe, but he will put himself between the people and outside oppression. It can be a dangerous act and he needs to have the courage to do so.

And do not be misled in thinking that the judiciary has the last say in understanding the Constitution. The legal industry has long forsaken the Constitutional precepts, or has buried them in endless legalese. The people no longer know what freedoms they should have, and because of their lack of knowledge or understanding, they easily give them up, because “it’s the law.”

Make no mistake, the Constitutional Sheriff is not god-like. He will agree to training in the Constitution from an accepted program, such as the one Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association or KrisAnne Hall offers.

And he will require his deputies to do the same so that there is uniformity on the job. He will bring freedom to this county instead of oppression and fear.

Judith Larkin