Consolidating five school districts into 1 seems a logical step

Posted 17 May 2023 at 2:24 pm


Mr. Remley, in his letter to the editor of 13 May entitled “5 school districts should become one in Orleans County” has taken a logical step towards consolidation. He is correct.

Why five superintendents with redundant staffs, buildings, maintenance, buses, drivers – and the list goes on. Five superintendents at almost $800,000 when one could do the job as exemplified in thousands of counties in the US.

If the 5 supers would like to show that five independent schools districts are an efficient, logical and economical way to go, there is a simply way for them to prove their point. They should join with the county legislators and ask the NY State Government Service Dept. (phone 518 473 3355, ask for Eric) to fund an unbiased feasibility survey on the consolidation of the five schools systems and county functions. Without proof from a unbiased third party, the 5 supers’ opinions, are just opinions.

Now is the time for facts. Will the county legislators take a stand on this issue?  I respectfully ask the County Legislature to respond to this letter and to Mr. Remley’s.

Jack Capurso

Albion High School Class of 1960

Ashburn, Va.