Consider the Greater Good in your response to Covid-19

Posted 19 May 2020 at 8:44 am


It is exceedingly sad to see that in our very proud community where we think first and foremost to support our local businesses that capitalism has Trumped decency and respect of those that are the source of their prosperity.

I understand that it is well within your right to act as you personally see fit and as a result potentially become one of the far too many of our community that have contracted or passed as a result of the Covid-19 virus. However, that right should not and cannot infringe upon my right to comply – as my interest is on behalf of the entire community, not just of myself.

This being not only the rule of law, but also a principle foundation upon which civilized societies have prospered and others who have failed to do so have perished. The Greater Good is simply that; what is best for the whole. Even capitalism recognizes the need for an abundance and bounty of producers AND consumers; for without one, there cannot be the other.

Thank You! And please . . . everybody stay safe and abide by the wisdom of science and the vast experience of our health professionals; not politicians who have a singular motivation – and that motivation just might not be in your best interest!

Doug Miller