Conservatives shouldn’t want government-owned nursing homes

Posted 25 October 2013 at 12:00 am


The American conservative believes that America is great because it is good; goodness, here, meaning its citizenry is comprised of people with high morals and ethics.

In arguing for a county-run nursing home, apparently, there are those who falsely claim to have conservative leanings whose very arguments reveal their true ideology. You can’t claim to be conservative and believe the government can do a better job at running a nursing home than can the private sector.

A conservative understands that government does not need to be efficient in its operations. If a private entity loses money it goes out of business. Therefore, as part of its mindset and operation it looks to improve efficiencies and leaves no stone unturned when generating income.

If a government entity loses money it either taxes more or blindly borrows from tomorrow’s children. It is interesting how the current Legislature is being blamed for not looking for more revenue by utilizing “unused” space to generate more income at the nursing home. My question would be, why is this not currently being done by the people paid to manage the nursing home?

A private sector enterprise would not have allowed “useable space” to be left unused; they can’t afford it; the government can afford not to use idle space, which is why we end up in this predicament.

A conservative understands people are thoughtful, kind and compassionate. Non-conservatives don’t think this way as their ideology believes somehow only people employed by the government can properly care for the sick or the elderly. Apparently they think if the private sector runs the nursing home, the same people currently taking care of the elderly now will become callous, cruel, and uncaring and let people starve and die.

A conservative understands it is in the private company’s best interest to provide superior care to the people generating the income. If they get a bad reputation people will choose to go elsewhere and the private company ends up out of business.

A conservative loves his mother and father and takes care of them when they no longer can take care of themselves, no matter how inconvenient it is to them. They understand that sacrifice and suffering, while not desired, is necessary for the humanity of mankind. Love is built upon this foundation.

Conservatives wonder why they are expected to love someone else’s parents more than those parent’s own children do when it comes to elder care. “Why should I love your parents more than you do?”

Conservatives are very generous. They understand the famous person who said, “The poor you will always have ” They feel a responsibility to set aside some of their provisions to share with those in need. They know that when government becomes the middleman in helping the poor, the poor no longer feel grateful and the generous no longer feel compassionate.

Thus, instead of building bonds between those who have and those who have not, resentment is built between the two groups. Sadly, this animosity is fostered and exploited by politicians on both sides of the aisle (Republican politicians feed on the “- they don’t appreciate all the money you’ve given;” Democrats feed “ – the selfish rich won’t part with what they have.”)

However, when I personally bring your children shoes and see there is no bread on the table, I am moved with compassion to do more. When you bring a loaf of bread to my door and I see you have sold your coat to be able to afford to share what you have with me, I’m not going to say, “What? No butter?”

Truth be told, some of these “conservatives” arguing for government-run nursing homes are only conservative when it comes to their own pocketbooks and their own taxes but when it comes to spending someone else’s money lets have at it after all, “You have two smart phones, I only have one and you have a 56 inch LCD TV mine is only a 42 inch.”

Roger Bannister