Conservative Party won’t endorse long-time elected officials

By Tom Rivers, Editor Posted 16 May 2016 at 12:00 am

The Orleans County Conservative Party has decided to withhold endorsements from long-term local elected officials seeking re-election this year. The Conservative Party Committee says it will no longer endorse candidates who have served more than three terms in their elected positions.

The Committee decided not to endorse Joe Cardone, the county’s district attorney for more than two decades, in his candidacy for another four-year term.

Conservative Party leaders also aren’t endorsing Charlie Smith and Scott Schmidt for additional terms as coroner due to their long service in the positions.

“The Founders never intended for a person to go into elected public service and make a life-time career out of it,” said Paul Lauricella, Conservative Party vice chairman. “Our committee strongly believes that the problems we have in this country are the direct result of career politicians that never know when to leave and will never vote to fix this problem.”

The Conservative Party did make one endorsement during its meeting last week. It is backing Rocco L. Sidari for coroner. Sidari, a former Albion fire chief, has served as coroner for about a year. He is seeking his first four-year term.

The Orleans County Republican Party Committee has endorsed Cardone for DA, and Schmidt, Smith and Sidari for coroner. The election is in November.

In addition, the local Conservative Party isn’t backing state legislators who have served more than three terms. That includes Steve Hawley of Batavia, who has been the assemblyman for 10 years. He is seeking another two-year term in the post. He was interviewed by the local Conservative Party Committee, but Lauricella said the group decided not to endorse him.