Conservative Party welcomes more participation as group plans to reorganize this year

Posted 25 February 2018 at 4:14 pm


Yes, we need changes in Orleans County. In articles comparing counties in Western NY which have appeared in the news media, Orleans County has reigned as the highest taxed, highest unemployment rate, lowest per capita disposable income, you name it and Orleans County remains at the bottom tier.

You can become annoyed at the politicians in office for their tax and spend ideology, but the people that you should be looking at are the town and county political committee members who line these candidates up in front of you, the voter. The town committee members are where this originates.

2018 is an even year by number, in which the Orleans County Conservative Party has to re-organize. We will be looking for registered Conservatives willing to put forth the effort with a fighting spirit to serve on our committee, and try to make a positive change for the people wanting to stay in Orleans County. The time is now, don’t sit and complain get moving to make that difference.

The current county controlled political party will be re-organizing this year also. If you are of that political affiliation and don’t feel you have been represented properly, now is the time to get started think seriously about running for a committee position in your town.

Have questions or need information, call (585) 659-8382.

Allen Lofthouse

Chairman, Orleans County Conservative Party