Conservative Party leader urges support for candidates

Posted 20 June 2021 at 7:10 am


On June 22nd please vote for the following Orleans County Conservative Party Committee endorsed Republicans and here’s why:

For Town of Murray Supervisor, Joseph Sidonio. A Constitutional Conservative (Read my previous endorsement letter).

For Town Clerk of Ridgeway, Laurie A. Kilburn has earned our endorsement. Why? She has conservative values. So important in today’s society. She’s honest. She has been a hands-on deputy Clerk. Karen Kaiser has trained her well and allowed her to perform all the duties of a town clerk. Between this and all her professional training, her wonderful personality, (that is so important when dealing with the public) she will transition smoothly into the clerk’s position. She knows the business of the Town of Ridgeway. Laurie understands that she works for you and is ready and willing to pleasantly and professionally help you with any needs or grievances you may have. The town board cannot function without a knowledgeable, experienced clerk. It simply won’t happen. The clerk is that important. Laurie Kilburn is that person. Ridgeway deserves the best.

For Ridgeway Town Councilman, David M. Stalker. Simply, Dave watches how your money is spent. Dave questions things that appear to be unethical and goes after wasteful spending. He is a businessman, not a bureaucrat. Dave does what’s best for the tax payers that pay his salary.  Dave has evolved from his earlier years to more conservative principles. Many go the other way. Not Dave, he works for you. That’s why you should vote to re-elect Dave Stalker.

For Carlton Town Clerk, Karen Narburgh is the right choice to continue to serve the people of that town. She has good conservative values. A town does not function without an efficient clerk and town business has been going smoothly. Karen will go out of her way to help her constituents in a friendly helpful manner and do everything possible get the information or answer the questions you seek. Karen has the right credentials for the job and is always getting more training. It’s part of the job. A job she has done very well.

In November, please vote to re-elect Dirk Lammes for Highway Superintendent of Murray. He is very conservative in all aspects. His crew will keep your roads safe year round and put tax dollars back in your pocket.

In November, remember in the town of Yates that I am running for a town councilman seat. At no time in all my years attending town meetings has the town leadership raised taxes so high on the town and village residents and have in the works so many fantasy projects. If implemented they will bring in very little to no revenue and burden the tax payers with maintenance upkeep and tax increases “forever.” Vote for a Constitutional Conservative. Paul Lauricella and “Stop the Tax and Spend.”

Good luck to all of you!

Paul Lauricella


Orleans County Conservative Party Chairman