Conservative Party leader urges support for Bourke, other candidates for town offices

Posted 24 June 2019 at 9:42 am


Republicans voters on Tuesday will go to the polls to choose who will head the ticket. For sheriff you can vote for Christopher M. Bourke, a constitutional sheriff. He will work for the people. The other guy will accommodate the DA’s Office and the County Legislature. He promises in his ads to turn the Sheriff’s Department into ticket pushers. Will our deputies be reduced to hiding behind billboards and trolling parking lots for bad stickers on grandma’s truck? Nothing in his ads about lowering your taxes or saving and protecting our 2nd Amendment gun rights from an all intrusive State Government.

Do the voters want an aggressive, table-pounding superman fundraiser that’s worked his entire career in another county with murders every weekend and can’t stop the drugs from flowing over the border into our county from his own stomping grounds? He claims he’s in charge of that job. He’s going to keep us safe? No sir, we need a professional sheriff for the people like Christopher M. Bourke and one who doesn’t think it would be controversial to say who his under-sheriff will be.

In Murray you can vote for Joseph Sidonio for Town Supervisor and Dirk Lammes for Town Councilman. They will work for you, the people. Or you can vote for the incumbents who fight hard to maintain the old-guard status quo. Time to term limit these two incumbents.

In Ridgeway you can vote David M. Stalker. He will end the cronyism, back room deals, meeting law violations and foolish spending. Or vote for the long-time incumbent that has consistently presided over the second highest taxes in the region. Term limits are long overdue here.

In Shelby you can vote for Dale S. Root for change and private sector, money-saving common sense application of ideas or you can vote for the comfortable incumbent and it shows by all the bright red shiny new equipment. Term limits are needed badly.

In Clarendon you can vote for Tracy B. Chalker for Highway Superintendent. He is the clear choice, highly qualified to do the job. A fresh race with new challengers.

Keep in mind in the main election on Nov. 6 the Conservative-endorsed candidates: Mark L. Wambach for Shelby Town Justice, Kerri A. Richardson for Barre Town Councilwoman and Dr. Mary R. Neilans for Gaines Town Councilwoman

These are the candidates that the Orleans County Conservative Party Committee interviewed and we feel will keep in check the political shenanigans and be mindful of your tax dollars. We are the party of term limits. Twelve years in any one position and no or no more endorsements. So Republicans you have a choice. Elect people who will work for you or elect bureaucrats that will serve themselves and government. It’s your money at stake here. Do you want to keep more of it or do you enjoy having less of it. Get up. Get out. Go Vote.

Thank you,

Paul Lauricella


Orleans County Conservative Party Chairman