Conservative Party leader urges rejection of ballot propositions

Posted 1 November 2021 at 10:21 am


The Conservative Party has launched a state-wide campaign to defeat Props 1-3-4 on the ballot. You are probably starting to see the signs around your town. I received the signs for our county and distributed them to the 10 town Republican committee chairman.

On election day the party in power wants to #1: Gerrymander Districts, include counting of illegal immigrants. Prop #3: Invite election fraud. Prop #4: Allow vote by mail.

If these three propositions are passed it will insure one-party power indefinitely. I urge anyone that cares about election integrity and our state to vote no on these three propositions. I recommend that all five be voted down.

Proposition #2: Entitlements To A Clean Environment. Who wouldn’t be for that? Ramifications are it will make it much easier to file lawsuits, effect hunting, hurt and drive more business out of this state.

Proposition #5: Expand New York City Purview Courts: Allows NYC Judges to hear more cases and decide up to double of the $25,000 now allowed. It’s moot, does nothing for us here. With not many contested races in the county you need to get out and vote if just for this.

Hope this has informed you.

Paul Lauricella

Orleans County Conservative Party Chairman