Conservative Party leader states support for county clerk, 27th Congressional candidate

Posted 22 June 2020 at 7:52 am


On June 23rd in the primary election please vote for the Conservative Party-endorsed candidates. They are committee evaluated after a tough questioner to be sure they meet the standards both fiscally and socially of the Orleans County Conservative Party of the State of NY.

For County Clerk, vote Diane Shampine. Diane worked with and was trained by one of the best – Karen Lake-Maynard. Her experience in all aspects the Clerk’s office, the DMV and the Pistol Permit Office will provide a very smooth transition that is under way right now as acting clerk. Her understanding of the constitution and bill of rights, her understanding that the money that will be spent comes from us the tax payer and is not to be wasted. She is a moral woman. Her answers on our questioner were some of the most impressive I have ever seen. Diane is fully and totally qualified to do this job and we endorse her with the utmost confidence.

For Congress NY 27th District, please vote for Beth Parlato. She is fully endorsed by the State and Orleans County Conservative Party. Beth is the most conservative candidate to come along for that office in my lifetime. This is the candidate the Republicans and Conservatives have been waiting their whole life to have a chance to elect and have serving them in Washington. She comes with no baggage, no dirt in her background. A tax and regulation cutter, a problem solver. She fully supports the Trump agenda which is the American agenda. She is an unapologetic protector of life in the womb. She believes that almighty God and the Lord Jesus Christ are the only people she has to answer to besides the people of the 27th district. She is moral. A constitutional conservative. She will not be bought by the party leaders.

She will always protect our right to keep and bear arms. She will align herself with the Conservative Freedom Caucus. She will work with President Trump to get a bill passed for term limits. She understands the higher education institutes of this country are producing indoctrinated radicals and will work with the president to fix that.

She understands that without borders or a wall we have no country and a fractured culture. She will work with the President to finally bring the immigration reform that the do-nothing Democrats have been blocking for the last 2 years. She will never turn her back on law enforcement and our first respondents. She loves our country and the American family that we are.

This is a dream candidate for the 27th district for our farmers, businesses and our citizens. She will work for us. After you save the seat from “Radical Socialist Nate McMurray” in the special election, vote Beth Parlato for Congress in the primary. Get out and vote. The soul of our country is at stake. Vote Republican. Vote Conservative.

Thank you.

Paul Lauricella Jr.


Orleans County Conservative Party Chairman