Conservative Party leader says Sidonio deserving of re-election

Posted 7 June 2021 at 4:47 pm


Every now and then you endorse a candidate that makes you proud and actually does what they say they are going to do and that candidate is Murray Town Supervisor Joe Sidonio. His record for his first 2-year term actually makes me jealous that I can’t brag like this for my own town.

Joe is not a republican conservative, he is a conservative republican. He is conservative socially and most important a conservative fiscally. He actually looks for ways to save the taxpayers money while not turning a blind eye to practices that are ethically challenged and self serving to the politically connected within the governmental body. It’s very easy to go along to get along but that just makes you a democrat.

So with a record like Joe’s why on earth would anyone want to challenge that? Unless you are: against reducing budget expenses and property taxes by 1.6 percent, against eliminating Golden Parachute benefit packages for departing elected officials and saving over 70,000 dollars, against reducing water taxes over 70,000 dollars, against refinancing long-term debt saving 631,000 dollars, against acquiring a Moody’s Bond Rating of A1, against reducing the town wide water loss from 50% down to 30%, against reducing discretionary highway spending by 92,000 dollars, against a comprehensive plan and zoning plan that are near completion, against a new town website with live streaming capabilities for open government and transparency, against initiating monthly work meetings with community involvement, against restoring and rededicating the Fancher War Memorial.

Is Joe’s opponent going to pledge to top these monumental accomplishments if he wins or turn things back to the tax, spend, wink and nod days of old? What exactly is he running on? Is he going to be conservative enough to save the taxpayers money like this? Or will it be like firing Trump and getting Biden? With 2 weeks left before the election the voters of Murray deserve to know. The public has heard nothing.

The smart voters of Murray I believe know that they elected one of the best Town Supervisors they ever had in Joe Sidonio. Your town is heading in the right direction. You would be foolish to change and go backwards.

Re-elect Joe. He is a proven leader and no matter how much heat the establishment turns up on him he won’t quit on you. He will even “take one for the team” if he has to. Vote for Joe Sidonio on June 22nd in the Primary election. Promises made, promises kept.

Paul Lauricella

Orleans County Conservative Party Chairman